Defy the odds: Trish’s Story

I did a guest post for the lovely Jillian over at the choosegoodproject blog.

In this post, it was my intention to communicate what it is like to live with PTSD–not only the mental symptoms but the physical symptoms I experience as well.

An excerpt:

In the areas of my life that I feel I must keep in order, I need to be able to control everything to feel safe.  Thinking about the parts I cannot control sends electrical tentacles throughout my body and my body reacts accordingly; the drumming of my heart piercing my ears, the ungrounded feeling of floating like a buoy on the water, the thick noise of cries that choke my throat and the solid steel wall in my brain that I hit every time I try to rationalize my sense of fear.

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I hosted TWIM this past weekend

I did the roundup for the mentalist hub The World of Mentalists this past weekend.

batshit-crazy-smiley1I took the opportunity to:

  • gush about my favourite rock band
  • include snippets from some of my favourite bloggers
  • embed a video sparking controversy about the DSM-5, and
  • show-off my all-time favourtie cat video.

Please check it out here.

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Your host for the latest edition of TWIM

batshit-crazy-smiley1Hello all.

This weekend I had the pleasure of creating the This Week in Mentalists edition over at The World of Mentalists (TWOM).  It’s a pretty cool weekly round-up and profiles lots of different blogs from the “madosphere”.

I featured the blogs:

Living With Bipolar Disorder, DID and Childhood Abuse
Kate is Rising, and
The Secret Schizophrenic.

Please check it out here.

They are looking for volunteers to write these weekly editions–all you need is a wordpress account.  You may want to consider it if you’re interested in attracting more readers… guest blogging always increases my referrals and TWOM has a considerable following.   You can sign up here.

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Spiritual awakening: doctors label it delusional but one healer calls it magic

Hi there.

4261868579_0f6990cce9_oThis week on Mental Health Talk I interview Gary, a participant in my storytelling program at a local mental health centre.

I have a vested interest in this interview because I wanted to get his perspective on spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency… something I have been pondering about my own psychotic break ever since I read the posts on Schiz Life about schizophrenia and spirituality.

A little teaser from the interview:

The room at the back of the Krasman Centre is dim and dusty from the windowless walls and second hand furniture.  I do not mind because I am happy to be in Gary’s company for our second interview together.  The first time we talked about the war against the poor on the streets of Toronto.  This time we are going to cover a completely different topic.

“The wounded healer…” Gary mutters our interview topic as he looks through his knapsack to find me his latest handout advocating against Public Health recommending chest compression in response to an opioid overdose.  He hands it to me and I read the title ‘Never Give Chest Compressions to a Non-Cardiac Patient… Chest Compressions is the Worst Thing You Could Do.’

Gary is as much a student of humanity as he is a student of mysticism.  He was introduced very early to the healing arts and to belief…

How come he did not become obsessed and delusional like I did when I was introduced to the practice of the healing arts?  What made our situation different?

These are some of the questions I ask him.

Please click here to head on over to and read the rest of the interview.  I am also looking for your experience and/or opinions on this topic so please do not hesitate to comment… I will make sure Gary gets your feedback.

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Bipolar… medication or self-discipline?

Hi all.  This week on Mental Health Talk is Trev sharing his experience with the National Health Service (UK), medication, and his decision to self-manage his bipolar experience.

From Trev’s story: “I would say, self management of bipolar disorder is the best option. Rather than a potential lifetime on prescription drugs, that’s only my opinion.  But I would hope, many others would tend to agree with me.”

A controversial topic indeed and he’s looking for your input.

If you could please check out his full story over at at the link: and give your opinion and/or experience while you’re there, we’d love to hear from you.


Dandelions and Bad Hair Days… is that not a great title or what?

I have a few guest posts I’ve done to share with you.  Yes, they’re about my story (again!) but I’d like to thing they are original in their own right and will offer you some new insight.

This is my hope anyway.

The first was for Bipolar Bandit where I wrote about how little compassion I had for myself and others with mental illness: You Are Not Alone

The second is for No Wriggling Out of Writing.  Suzie is the blog author and she has compiled and edited a book of stories called Dandelions and Bad Hair Days: Untangling lives affected by depression and anxiety.  Is that not the coolest title ever?

My angle on my story for No Wriggling was writing about the current challenge I am facing in my mission to just be me.  Please check it out: The “Normal” versus Me Conflict

Thanks again for reading my stuff.  And please don’t be shy to comment on these guest posts and/or share!


Gettin’ around

I have made two recent appearances on other blogs and thought I would share:

Jessography Unmasked is a neat project for people who experience mental health issues. The mission is: ‘Coming out’ to the world about mental health illnesses we live with through photography. A Project by family photographer Jessy from

Check out my entry:

and please consider contacting Jessy at Jessography Unmasked if you want to contribute.

Next up…

My second cartoon published on Heal My PTSD

Heal My PTSD is a great site for everything related to PTSD… resources, stories, treatment, etc.

The founder of Heal My PTSD, Michelle Rosenthal, also does an awesome radio show with some of the big stars in the PTSD field.  You can catch all the star power at Your LIfe After Trauma.

I highly recommend both.  I have learned SO MUCH and I am in much better position now to articulate what is going on with me when I am feeling triggered.

Have a great weekend.