From fully dependent on an abusive father to independent & thriving

This week at Mental Health Talk I interviewed Anthony.  He shares his story of being fully dependent on his father due to depression for 39 years.  Memories of sexual abuse intrude and he finds his independence.

An excerpt from the interview:

He was growing older, single, and still living at home which is the custom in an Italian family.  His father’s attitude and emotional abuse toward him had not changed, but he felt a roof over his head and food was the trade-off.  He didn’t know what else to do so he put up with it.

His parents were very controlling, more so than over the lives of his brothers.  Though he feels their need to control was passed down through generations, it came to a point where his brother helped him put a cheap lock on his bedroom door to protect his privacy.  He felt more secure about having this lock and would lock the door every night before he went to bed.

One morning he woke to find his door unlocked.  He sifted through his memory of the past night and could not remember unlocking it.  He asked his mother if someone came into his room and his mother told him he must have gone to the bathroom and left it unlock.  He was almost convinced he had unlocked it while still asleep.

Please head on over to the post on Mental Health Talk to read the full interview.  While you are there, please share with us in the comments about your experience with depression and dependency, and/or sexual abuse, or leave your feedback for Anthony.  I spoke with Anthony this week and it has been really helpful to him to hear from others in the comments.

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