Schizophrenia: my psychic connection to the universe

Jared is the guest on Mental Health Talk this week.  This regular MHT contributor and webmaster of shares some of the psychic episodes he experienced when he was schizophrenic and what this connection had come to mean in his life.

An excerpt from the post:

I’d like to frame these experiences while keeping a certain question in mind.  Did I simply misperceive delusions or were these psychic events truly occurring for me?  Even now, I cannot say one way or the other, and I understand that that is the nature of schizophrenic delusions.  What I can do is lay out the order of events, internal and external, and let you, the reader, make your own informed decision.

I also find it important to spend the time to wonder if it even matters if the experiences actually happened.  Does the validity of the event have any impact on the effect it had for me personally?  Should I care about the truth when the result was a beneficial feeling of connectedness with the universe, love, and the divine?  Perhaps I’m not meant to know the facts, but only taste the wonderful fruit of an increased wonder and magic in my life.

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