Paper dolls: a story of early-onset OCD and acceptance

NellyOne of my featured posts this week is by Neurotic Nelly and her experience with OCD.

Nelly writes:

“At four years old it was said that I had OCD. I was a paper doll. I was small and fragile. I was easy to bend and easy to tear.  A gentle breeze could fold me in half. I was afraid. I felt pain so much more deeply than others my age. I was afraid of germs. I was afraid of death. I was afraid of everything. I had intrusive thoughts and images. I had phobias and fears. As I grew my voice inside my head grew. As I aged the voice in my head lurked. Telling me horrible things. It spit it’s lies in my ear. You are worthless. You are crazy. You are stupid and ugly and no one will ever accept you. Time went on, every year adding a layer of paper and pretty bits of string to my paper doll.”

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