The voice of trichotillomania

SandyThis week at Mental Health Talk, Sandy shares her experience with trichotillomania (hair pulling) and how wanting to tell her story has helped her to find her voice.

An excerpt from the post:

I longed to have someone like me to talk to, cry with, to share the hurt and shame.  Someone who would understand what I was going through. I wanted someone who would get it, get me, see me – the real me.

So here I am, writing a blog about trichotillomania. Here I am, a voice, for those not ready to speak up.

And that purpose, I spoke of is this:

I am here to let others know that they are perfect exactly like they are AND exactly like they are not.

I am here to listen and share my story.

I am here to be the person I always wished I had had in my life.

I am here to eradicate the shame around trichotillomania.

I am here to step into the shoes I was always meant to wear.

I am here to love myself and all of you.

I was meant to be a voice.

And today, I am here to be that voice, The Voice of Trichotillomania.

To read the full story over at, please follow this link:  And while you’re there, we’d be happy to hear your feedback on what it’s like to be a voice for your experience with mental illness.