Medicating my life

Hi again.

This week Samantha Seto guest blogs and creatively expresses her experience with early on-set bipolar and how years later, she found what helped her to take that step toward recovery.

An excerpt from her story:

I was a young lady who muddled her way in this world. Lost in bizarre depression and mood disorder. With a heavy load on my shoulder, I was uncertain about the direction of my future. I had thoughts of suicide from a very young age and much of my time was spent either contemplating suicide, or experimenting with it.

Plummeting into darkness on occasion made myself a burden. When insomnia attacks, I get frustrated and the anxiety builds up. That deep gut feeling where everything is my fault. It’s 3 A.M. and I think about all the times people have promised me that things will get better. But they don’t…

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