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Mental Health Cop

I was a bit early to collect my son from school today so I sat in the car listening to BBC Radio Five Live – my preferred radio channel.  Richard Bacon was interviewing the actor / singer John BARROWMAN and his sister, Professor Carol BARROWMAN and the subject came up of accents.  These guys were born in Scotland to Scottish parents but moved to the United States as children.  Consequently they can speak easily and naturally with with Scottish and American accents and often switch for different reasons.  They were talking away about the concept of having two ‘natural accents’ when Carol suddenly described the practice of swapping between them as “a bit schizophrenic”.

It reminded of a boss I once had: someone who on one occasions took exception to two opinions I had which she regarded as inherently contradictory and informed me that “it was a bit schizophrenic if…

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