Confusion in the 4th dimension: my schizophrenia story

Schiz LifeHi all.

This week my guest is Jared from Schiz Life.  He shares his story of how he got to the point in his life where he ended up tripping on LSD and mushrooms to experience a psychotic break and the onset of schizophrenia.

I don’t want to take anything away from Jared’s story–we all have our unique experiences–but my trigger and psychotic break were very similar to what Jared describes in this post.  Hearing his story and going through his site has been a godsend as I begin to understand better what occurred in those very dark days of my life.

Here’s a snippet of Jared’s story

I’m going to fast-forward through much of the beginning of my life.  We know schizophrenia has genetic and environmental factors.  It goes to say that while neither of my parents is schizophrenic, one is very obsessive in the sense that she’s just over the threshold of being a hoarder.  She is a very kind and compassionate woman.  My father, however, did contribute genetic and environmental problems.  He is very anxious, very impulsive, and very compulsive.  He tends to be domineering and oppressive, frightening everyone into agreeing with him or at least cowering beneath him.  This, in addition to some episodes of sexual abuse, laid a horrible foundation for a youngster.  I learned how to communicate all of my emotions through one: anger.  I also learned how to think like my father, which meant “black and white” authoritative thinking.

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Jared is excited for feedback.  So after you’ve read the full story and if you have anything you wish to share in the comments, please do not hesitate.

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