A time of peace and joy, as long as you leave me the hell alone!

Go Away by David TemplinHappy New Year!

I’m a little slow to post this one… my apologies.  I hope you still find it relevant and funny.

In this story, one of MHTs regular contributors shares his fear of isolation during the Christmas season & how he doesn’t ask for help.  Volunteering is slowly changing his perspective.

In the first week of November, I walked into a drug store and was horrified to hear Christmas music piped in from all sides. A stranger in front of me stopped in his tracks and voiced out loud, “Oh for C***t’s sake! Give it a rest! There should be a law against playing Christmas music before December!” I chuckled, louder than I intended. The man turned and looked at me. Then we both laughed. For a moment, my horror and his anger went away. The laughter shifted my perspective and briefly connected me to another person. It wasn’t the Christmas spirit I was feeling mind you, it was way too early for that!

Please click over to MentalHealthTalk.info to read the rest of this story: http://mentalhealthtalk.info/fear_isolation

Thank you.