Dandelions and Bad Hair Days… is that not a great title or what?

I have a few guest posts I’ve done to share with you.  Yes, they’re about my story (again!) but I’d like to thing they are original in their own right and will offer you some new insight.

This is my hope anyway.

The first was for Bipolar Bandit where I wrote about how little compassion I had for myself and others with mental illness: You Are Not Alone

The second is for No Wriggling Out of Writing.  Suzie is the blog author and she has compiled and edited a book of stories called Dandelions and Bad Hair Days: Untangling lives affected by depression and anxiety.  Is that not the coolest title ever?

My angle on my story for No Wriggling was writing about the current challenge I am facing in my mission to just be me.  Please check it out: The “Normal” versus Me Conflict

Thanks again for reading my stuff.  And please don’t be shy to comment on these guest posts and/or share!