Dandelions and Bad Hair Days… is that not a great title or what?

I have a few guest posts I’ve done to share with you.  Yes, they’re about my story (again!) but I’d like to thing they are original in their own right and will offer you some new insight.

This is my hope anyway.

The first was for Bipolar Bandit where I wrote about how little compassion I had for myself and others with mental illness: You Are Not Alone

The second is for No Wriggling Out of Writing.  Suzie is the blog author and she has compiled and edited a book of stories called Dandelions and Bad Hair Days: Untangling lives affected by depression and anxiety.  Is that not the coolest title ever?

My angle on my story for No Wriggling was writing about the current challenge I am facing in my mission to just be me.  Please check it out: The “Normal” versus Me Conflict

Thanks again for reading my stuff.  And please don’t be shy to comment on these guest posts and/or share!



Not going to sit in silence anymore: an interview with Leah

Depression - Mary Lock- Goldilock PhotographyInterview/Written by: Trish

Leah has a nice smile. I remember it from the first time I met her and now as we meet to discuss her story, her face brightens with it. But it is fleeting as she softly speaks about how her life is challenging right now. On top of distressing life events, she is struggling with depression again and feeling dispirited by gaining weight…

Leah talks about her struggle with depression, abuse and an eating disorder as she tries to keep her life together enough to raise her kids.  In keeping a promise, and following her passion, her smile returns as she continues her journey with mental health issues.

To read the full interview where I tried my best to capture her story, please visit: http://mentalhealthtalk.info/depression-abuse

Thank you.


Nominate your favourite blogs

I want to bring to your attention…

*drum roll*

… announcing The World of Mentalists Annual TWIM Awards!

So head on over to TWOM and submit your nominations for your favourite mental health blogs by clicking this link: http://theworldofmentalists.com/2012/11/12/submit-your-nominations-for-the-twim-awards-2012/ and you might even spot some really cool bloggers while you’re there.

I think it is a great way to recognize the blood, sweat and tears that go into these blogs.

Have a great weekend.


p.s. So I gave up on blogging everyday for the National Health Blog Month.  I ended up with too much on my plate and it is one of the things that fell off.  *sigh*

I’m on a roll…

This is my second day in a row participating in National (Mental) Health Blog Month.  I’m on fire!

Write about a time you had to take the high road.

This is a tough one–I don’t think I’ve ever taken the high road.  I’m stubborn as hell.

I guess that’s not true–I am married. 🙂

I took the high road recently with my family doctor.  She was asked by the agency who I am filing for disability with to provide information for my case.

She didn’t.

They sent her a second notice and I followed up.

She still didn’t.

Last month I received a notice that I had been declined disability.  One of the reasons cited was:

Information was requested from your family doctor in letters dated Aprill7, and June 1, 2012, however as of today, no information has been received. The information currently on file indicates your treating psychiatrist retired in September 2011. There is no indication your care has been transferred to another psychiatrist for ongoing treatment and medication adjustment.

I was livid.  I had an appointment scheduled and I was going to give her a piece of my mind.

I didn’t.  It is her prerogative to disregard disability requests and it’s mine to find another doctor who understands my mental disorder.

Is that taking the high road?  Or did I just wuss out?

How about you?  When have you taken the high road?

Sucking at doing this National Health Blog Post Month Thingy

The info on the National Health Blog Post Month: http://info.wegohealth.com/Portals/28996/docs/NHBPM%20Prompt%20List%202012.pdf

Yeah, so I have missed a few days.  I have the best intentions to do the post and then I forget.

I blame it on my meds. 🙂

Today’s exercise is: Write a list of 3 things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by,

  1. I am grateful for my life.
  2. I am grateful for my health.
  3. I am grateful for the love I receive from my kitty cats.

What 3 things would be on your list?

Talking openly about mental health? It’s a service to society

Depression in teenagersWritten by: Denny Dew

Make the most of the awful things that happen to you. This is good advice. Unfortunately, it happens that we spend a long time self-commiserating. Why did it happen to us? This is to waste time and to lack respect toward ourselves. I know that a lot of people indulge in self-commiseration, but this isn’t a good thing to do if you suffer from depression.

I played this masochistic game of self-commiseration for a while. Later, I stopped playing it and I decided that I wanted to know…

To read more about Denny’s experience with depression and his advocacy for helping depressed teens, please visit: http://mentalhealthtalk.info/depression-in-teens.

Thank you!

National Health Blog Post Month: Day 2

I decided to participate in the National (insert Mental) Health Blog Post Month (http://info.wegohealth.com/Portals/28996/docs/NHBPM%20Prompt%20List%202012.pdf)

I missed the first day 😦

Okay, on to the second day…

Write about the weirdest thing about your (mental) health

The weirdest thing about my mental health disorder (C-PTSD) is since my trauma started, I have a floating sensation.  It feels like I am floating like a buoy in the water–sometimes the water is rough and sometimes it’s tiny whitecaps.

Weird, right?  In all my travels, virtually and from alternative practitioners to allopaths, I have not heard of anyone else who experiences this sensation as consistently (i.e. all the time) as I do.

In fact, when I researched it on the Internet a few years ago, I came up with zilch.  Notta.  Google failed me.

So I wrote a post and drew a cartoon about it with the hope that others like me would find it and feel less alone: Relief from floating anxiety.

How about you?  What’s the weirdest thing about your mental health?