You are not alone: an interview about renewed connection

Phone disconnectedThe interviewee wished to remain anonymous.

Interview/written by: Trish

I have a feeling this woman “belongs” everywhere she goes.  I see people around us wanting to know her, talk to her, be around her.

But as we exchange emails over a span of a couple of months and I listen to her story, I can tell it hasn’t always been that way…

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MONKEYTRAPS 101 :: Lesson 2: The Addiction (video)… What do you think?

Hi there.  Today I am trying something different because I need your help.

I am not going to redirect you to on this one.  The entire functioning post is right here.  And I have opened comments.  I want this to post to be completely accessible to you.

You see Steve and Bert want to make this series the best that it can be and they need your help to do that.  So what do you like about it?  What would you change?  Do you agree with Bert’s hypothesis?   All feedback is welcomed and I will make sure that Steve gets your opinion.

We are all addicted to control. ~ Bert

Welcome back to the MHT series MONKEYTRAPS 101: Bert’s Crash Course in Control by regular co-contributors Steve and Bert.

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson and are eager to get into the second.

In this short video, Bert teaches:

  • the First Law we need to know to be emotionally healthy;
  • what “in control” looks like in our lives; and
  • how our natural tendencies to want to control are an addiction.

Again we are looking for your opinion, so please don’t be shy (Bert doesn’t bite).

What did you think of Bert’s lesson?  What has been your experience with the control addiction?

Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Have you read the introduction and viewed Bert’s first lesson yet?  You’ll want to catch up here.

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MONKEYTRAPS 101 :: Lesson 1: The Monkey

MONKEYTRAPS 101: Bert’s Crash Course in Control

I’m one busy monkey. ~ Bert

What does a monkey have to do with your mental health?

Remember my friends Steve and Bert from the blog Monkeytraps?  Steve did an introduction on Mental Health Talk and you can find it here.

Well they have done their 2nd post in the series MONKEYTRAPS 101: Bert’s Crash Course in Control and you`re going to find out what a monkey has to do with your mental health!

In this short video:

  • you will be introduced to Bert and who he really is;
  • find out why and what Bert is so busy controlling; and
  • determine if you recognize a “Bert” in your own life.

So click on the image above to be routed to the video on  Then while you`re there and if you are feeling inspired, please leave a comment with feedback on this lesson.  Bert is looking to be evaluated!

We`d also love to hear about your experience with your `Bert`so you can leave that in the comments on too.

Thank you!