Welcome to Monkeytraps: free your inner monkey

If you are familiar with Steve and Bert over at http://monkeytraps.com then you must know how excited I am to have them as the co-contributors of a new series at Mental Health Talk.

The series is called Monkeytraps 101: Bert’s Crash Course in Control.  What’s got me so excited about it is that it’s fun, innovative (mainly short videos) and for EVERYONE.

Here is a snippet from the first post in the series:

Welcome to Monkeytraps.

Thanks. What’s a monkey trap?

Wikipedia defines it as “A cage containing a banana with a hole large enough for a monkey’s hand to fit in, but not large enough for a monkey’s fist (clutching a banana) to come out.  Used to catch monkeys that lack the intellect to let go of the banana and run away.”

That description is hard on monkeys, but you get the idea.  Other versions use heavy bottles or anchored coconuts to hold the banana.

And this is what you ’blog about? Catching monkeys?

No. It’s a metaphor.

For what?

Psychological traps. The sort we all get stuck in.

More specific, please.


To get the specifics, please visit http://mentalhealthtalk.info/monkeytraps-101-1 over at MentalHealthTalk.info where you will find the post in it’s entirety.

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Thank you and have a great weekend.