Wisdom: A video interview with Denny

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…just because you have mental health issues doesn’t mean you are any less of a person or can’t do things like anyone else. ~ Denny

Denny is a mental health survivor.  She experiences schizoaffective disorder and depression.

She decided to do this interview with me so she could share her experiences and insights to help others.

In this interview, Denny discusses:

  • the misunderstanding around mental illness and how she combats the stigma
  • the insights she has to offer others on feeling alone
  • what she does when she sees and hears things that aren’t real
  • putting help from the medical professional into perspective
  • the practices she uses to stay connected and care for herself
  • suicide

Like usual, this video interview can be found where Mental Health Talk resides in full technocolour.  So to watch this short interview, please visit http://mentalhealthtalk.info/wisdom.

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