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I want to share something pretty awesome with you today!

Last week, fellow Partners for Mental Health Community Correspondent, Casey, started an amazing campaign – #IAM.
First of all, in case you don’t remember.. Casey is 16 years old. SIX. TEEN.
At sixteen, Casey was changing the world. What the heck was I doing at sixteen?

Anyway, I digress.

Here’s the details for #IAM that I directly from the website:

#IAM is created for people who are affected by mental illness directly or indirectly. We want to help end the stigma that comes with mental illness along with creating awareness and educating society on what it’s really like to suffer. Our main goal is to get people to open up and tell their story about mental illness. 

One in every three news stories about mental illness are about crime and murder. We want to show society that not everyone with a mental illness is violent and homicidal. We want to give hope and strength to our viewers. 

We love fireworks. The stigma that comes with having a mental illness is the black, white and grey in life. Even in brain scans, a person who suffers with depression has a darker and more shawdowed brain than those without. Fireworks represent the strength to reach the sky and immense amounts of color. We want to show our viewers that recovery is possible and that we all have a firework inside of us, bursting with color. 

#IAM wants to get people to share their stories, pledge for better services, speak out against stigma, and believe that mental illness includes recovery, strength and even color. 

It’s simple to help us color the world. Simply take a picture of yourself, or take a small five-second video clip holding a sign saying #IAM… (with up to four positive words about yourself) then send it to us at IAM_firework@hotmail.com. You can also send us a tweet, post on our Facebook wall, or send us who you are on tumblr. 

We would love to hear from you and appreciate it if you spread the word!

Give Casey’s project a glance and help spread the word 🙂