an MMM cartoon…: How to gain mental clarity when being chased by a tiger

Stressed Out by TrishImagine…

You are walking along in the wild jungle and what steps into your path?

A tiger looking like you just stole her young.

Your nervous system goes into high alert and you have two choices: fight or flight.

I’m not talking about the type of fighting where you recall every lethal move Bruce Lee performed in his movies and get into position.  Or the type of flight whereby you remember the running strategy designed to keep a marathoner steady as she paces her distance in the 100 degree heat and get ready to use that to your advantage.

No, no.  Even if you could think of wanting to think of these tactics, your brain would come back again with fight (the kicking, screaming, biting, hair-pulling kind) or flight (run like hell).

Then imagine your are running like hell with your body and brain completely focused on survival, the mama tiger on your heels, and your boss jumps out from behind the tall twisted grass to ask you about the numbers for the weekly status meeting.

Then your babysitter is running beside you (where did she come from?) asking what she’s supposed to feed little Johnny when all you have in the house is dog food…

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