Finding myself… overcoming borderline personality disorder

Written by: Chantal C.

Artwork by Chantal C.I have been living with mental illness since I can remember. My earliest recollections are during late childhood years. My clinical depression manifested itself during my adolescence. But now I struggle to understand the depth of my own Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  Last year I tried to take my life and was diagnosed with traits of BPD. Even though I suspected this for many years, the diagnosis is my wake-up call. I now ask myself…Who am I really and why did I live a life of abuse and self-inflicted pain?

This is the beginning of a courageous story that ends… well I can’t say because that would spoil it.  Please come on over to to read how it ends.  The post also includes a bunch of original artwork by Chantal and a poem–creativity used to express her emotions.  And please, “like” it if you like it, comment, and share.  Thank you.