Watch as I blunder through an award acceptance & nomination: a vlog

Hiya.  All I want to say right now is watch the video (this is my first time embedding a video on my own so if playing the video from the email doesn’t work, please visit the blog)…

For the full view of the award: 
Mental Health Talk was graciously nominated by Rachel at My Bipolar Life.

And I nominate Jack from Beyond Depression.  Please pass it along to whomever inspires you Jack.

Kudos all around!

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Watch as I blunder through an award acceptance & nomination: a vlog

  1. Thank you very much Trish! In the short time we’ve known each other online, you have become quite a font of support that I am very grateful for. You’re proof positive that an online community can be a valuable support to those struggling with mental illness.

  2. Love the video, very entertaining! I don’t give a bleep about the dress not matching either!
    Thanks for “bigging up” my blog :). I love having you there, you’re fantastic support and I am so looking forward to guest blogging for Mental Health Talk! Looking forward to seeing more of your cartoons too! Have a great week Trish xxx

  3. Thank you Jack for your kind words.
    Rachel, your blog stands on its own! I just read that post by Project Whitespace that complimented your blog/writing and it sounds like she’s well aware of your strengths too.

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