Try walking in my shoes

A line from a song of one of my all-time favourtie bands.

And also the title of a guest post I did for Bewildered Bug.  What I found really exciting about this opportunity was Bewildered Bug is not a mental health blog, it is a blog about all sorts of things.

So I tried to tell my personal story about C-PTSD using words to encourage people’s imaginations to go back there with me–people who weren’t necessarily familiar with having mental health issues.

I don’t know how well I did.

How about you let me know what you think.  Please read my guest post: and then leave your impression in the comments of the post.

I would truly love to hear from you.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.



an MMM cartoon…: How to gain mental clarity when being chased by a tiger

Stressed Out by TrishImagine…

You are walking along in the wild jungle and what steps into your path?

A tiger looking like you just stole her young.

Your nervous system goes into high alert and you have two choices: fight or flight.

I’m not talking about the type of fighting where you recall every lethal move Bruce Lee performed in his movies and get into position.  Or the type of flight whereby you remember the running strategy designed to keep a marathoner steady as she paces her distance in the 100 degree heat and get ready to use that to your advantage.

No, no.  Even if you could think of wanting to think of these tactics, your brain would come back again with fight (the kicking, screaming, biting, hair-pulling kind) or flight (run like hell).

Then imagine your are running like hell with your body and brain completely focused on survival, the mama tiger on your heels, and your boss jumps out from behind the tall twisted grass to ask you about the numbers for the weekly status meeting.

Then your babysitter is running beside you (where did she come from?) asking what she’s supposed to feed little Johnny when all you have in the house is dog food…

Want to hear what happens next?  C’mon, I know you do.  This is just the first half of the post.  To read the rest and learn my tricks to handle moments like these, please visit the full post at  While you’re there, would you mind commenting and/or sharing the post, and/or hitting the “Like” if you like it?  Thank you.

Finding myself… overcoming borderline personality disorder

Written by: Chantal C.

Artwork by Chantal C.I have been living with mental illness since I can remember. My earliest recollections are during late childhood years. My clinical depression manifested itself during my adolescence. But now I struggle to understand the depth of my own Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  Last year I tried to take my life and was diagnosed with traits of BPD. Even though I suspected this for many years, the diagnosis is my wake-up call. I now ask myself…Who am I really and why did I live a life of abuse and self-inflicted pain?

This is the beginning of a courageous story that ends… well I can’t say because that would spoil it.  Please come on over to to read how it ends.  The post also includes a bunch of original artwork by Chantal and a poem–creativity used to express her emotions.  And please, “like” it if you like it, comment, and share.  Thank you.

My Therapist’s Legs and Her Shitsu

Yes, that’s what my cartoon is about over at Therapy Tales.

My first guest blog cartoon and I based it on how my therapist brings her shitsu to our sessions.  With an attempt at exaggaretated humour of course.

Please check it out at

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Note: WG added an “a” to the end of my name, which is my full name, just not spelled that way.  Trish to Tricia can be tricky (truly–people spell it wrong all the time).

An odyssey of life: a video interview with Deborah L. Parker

An odyssey of life: a video interview with Deborah L. Parker

Never count yourself out because other people will. ~ Deborah

In this 15 minute interview,  Deborah talks about her experience with depression and how her last low moment, led her to more purpose in her life and her career.

Deborah shares with us:

  • the circumstances that started to fall apart and how she found herself not liking who she was
  • the attitude and expectations of her friends and family
  • her wandering phase; trying to find the right course for herself
  • the details around her wake-up call
  • her experience with stigma
  • how her life and relationships shifted through recovery
  • insightful advice that is invaluable to everyone

Now this isn’t the actual video… click on the image above to take you to the video on  Please watch, comment and share if you like it!  Thank you!