Wow… it’s been a crazy ride…

Wow… it’s been a crazy ride this week… this time Mental Health Talk is at the podium for the (*read in a big booming voice*) OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD.

Seriously though, I am always grateful to receive awards from my peers.  It is truly a honour.

And this time the honour was bestowed upon MHT by …But She’s Crazy.  I can’t say enough about Eileen and her blog: smart, honest, funny, real, generous, gracious and humble.  I truly look forward to her posts.  She is making things happen in her life.  She is so inspiring.  So check it out: …But She’s Crazy.

I will be proudly displaying this award on my media page over at the “real” MHT blog.

Now for the rules:

  1. I’ve named and linked back to my nominator.
  2. Now I need to share something important: I love you.
  3. Outstanding Blogger Nominations:
    1. The World of Mentalists – formerly This Week in Mentalist, I think Zarathustra and Pandora are doing an excellent job of highlighting all the hidden gems in the madosphere and bringing them to our attention.  They are also awesome at asking for reader feedback, listening, and making it happen… they are currently working on more international content.
    2. Therapy Tales – who doesn’t love cartoons?  I personally LOVE cartoons.  I am a new subscriber to this blog but have heard nothing but great things.  I have spent time going through old posts just to get a chuckle.  I’m even working up the courage to offer to do a guest post now that Wounded Genius has established Guest Blogger Day.
    3. Writing Thru Complex PTSD – again I am new to this blog but I cannot tell you what it means to me that Amy and I have had similar after-effects with C-PTSD.  It has made me feel less alone in the world.  She’s creative and her blog is made beautiful with her writing, poetry and images.

Thank you again and congrats to all the nominees everywhere who receive blogging awards from their peers.  You rock!



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