The Zen of Applying for Disability: A Canadian Perspective

“You won’t be able to work.”

Admit it; you weren’t as happy as you thought you would be to hear those words.  You had pictured it differently.

You were supposed to be hearing those words—or something like them–from the representative on the other side of the counter of your local lottery centre.

Instead you are in a clinical environment looking into the stone-cold eyes of a doctor.

You leave your doctor’s office with your thoughts racing about your financial responsibilities and your means for survival… and did you hear your doctor snort on the way out “good luck with that”?

Harsh reality hits you between the eyes: I need to apply for disability because of mental illness…………………………..

Note from Trish: My very first guest post ever!   My guinea pig was This Week in Mentalist (TWIM) and…. I plan to do more… it was so much fun!

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