an MMM… cartoon: The 5 mental health benefits of heavy breathing

“You’re not doing it right!”

“How can I not be doing it right?  I’m breathing!”

Does this sound familiar?  It was the conversation I used to have with myself every time I thought about undertaking breathing exercises.  I had heard so many versions of how to breathe that I was confused into not doing it at all.

It wasn’t until I learned about the mental health benefits that I dedicated myself to heavy breathing… well most gurus call it breathing deeply (where’s the fun in that?)…

This is just the snippet of all the wonderful benefits you could learn about deep breathing.  Please click on the full post over at to read more, share and comment.  Thank you and see you there! 


Book Project Call for Submissions

A wonderful opportunity to tell your story in a collection of experiences to raise mental health awareness. Check it out!!

...But She's Crazy


“I am tired of hiding, tired of misspent and knotted energies, tired of the hypocrisy, and tired of acting as though I have something to hide.”

-Kay Redfield Jamison, An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

“A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together.”

-Margaret Atwood

With May and Mental Health Awareness month just behind us (at least for US residents), the question that may be on many a mind is what we, as individuals who live with mood or personality disorders, can truly do to raise awareness and understanding about this often-underrepresented and marginalized segment of society and the issues it faces. How can we go about undoing the enduring stigmas surrounding mental health struggles? How can we put a familiar, human face on an issue so laden…

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Launching Mental Health Must Reads

Jack from Beyond Depression kindly included Serena’s story from Mental Health Talk in one of his “Mental Health Must Reads”. Thank you Jack!

beyond depression

I’ve been noticing that I’ve been coming across some really interesting and really useful posts and bits of news for those of us in the trenches on the Mental Health front.  I’ve also been noticing that I’ve been getting more clicks on the ‘Depression Resources’ side bar and the paucity of actual resources I’ve listed there.

So, I’ve decided to (among other things) add some of the best of the best that I’ve come across on the Internet for understanding Depression, Mental Illness and other Mental Health issues.  All of them come from other bloggers who have, in my opinion, shown exceptional insight on the particular topic.

These posts all offer gateways into their particular blogs, all of which are well worth checking out further.  The first of these links are below as well as a link to the new page.

Mental Health First Aid Course (from Beauty From Pain…

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A letter from someone I used to be

Written by Serena

Dear Self,

The last fifteen years have not been kind to you. Scratch that. I’ve not been kind to you.

Do you remember the first time that I let you reach close to rock bottom? Twelve years ago was it? I let you run away from everything; let you escape from the demons that had started swirling around you although you had no clue that they were really there. I abandoned you when you truly needed me…….

To read more from Serena’s letter–her years of struggle with depression and anxiety and how she is stronger today–please visit:  While you’re there, I would LOVE for you to comment on your experiences and please share her letter if you like it.  Thank you.

Wow… it’s been a crazy ride…

Wow… it’s been a crazy ride this week… this time Mental Health Talk is at the podium for the (*read in a big booming voice*) OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD.

Seriously though, I am always grateful to receive awards from my peers.  It is truly a honour.

And this time the honour was bestowed upon MHT by …But She’s Crazy.  I can’t say enough about Eileen and her blog: smart, honest, funny, real, generous, gracious and humble.  I truly look forward to her posts.  She is making things happen in her life.  She is so inspiring.  So check it out: …But She’s Crazy.

I will be proudly displaying this award on my media page over at the “real” MHT blog.
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The Zen of Applying for Disability: A Canadian Perspective

“You won’t be able to work.”

Admit it; you weren’t as happy as you thought you would be to hear those words.  You had pictured it differently.

You were supposed to be hearing those words—or something like them–from the representative on the other side of the counter of your local lottery centre.

Instead you are in a clinical environment looking into the stone-cold eyes of a doctor.

You leave your doctor’s office with your thoughts racing about your financial responsibilities and your means for survival… and did you hear your doctor snort on the way out “good luck with that”?

Harsh reality hits you between the eyes: I need to apply for disability because of mental illness…………………………..

Note from Trish: My very first guest post ever!   My guinea pig was This Week in Mentalist (TWIM) and…. I plan to do more… it was so much fun!

Please click on the following link to read more and comment about your experience with disability in your country.  We would really love to hear from you.  And if you’re game, please share the post while you’re at it… please?  THANK YOU!