an MMM… cartoon: How to calm your mind (even if you think you can’t)

How many times have people suggested you try meditation and you exclaim: “I could never meditate!”

I hear it all the time.

Considering I’m mental (the obsessive-worrying-anxious-dissociative-flashbacks-to-my-psychotic-days-kind-of-mental) and I CAN meditate, I think you are full of poo.

Here is the Metamucil you need to relieve your mental constipation on being able to calm your mind…

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Music and mania: A video interview with Alec Morrison

Mental Healh Talk interview with Alec Morrison

Okay, so this is an IMAGE of the video because I really want you to come over to to check it out.

natural born storyteller, Alec talks about his manias leading up to his various hospitalizations.  Interwoven in his tales is how his song-writing and music helped him along the way.

He also sings in the interview and I get a tinsy-winsy excited!

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Please Read! I need YOUR help!

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May 18, 2012 by …But She’s Crazy

I have a crazy, wild idea — just bear with me and give it some thought because I need you guys involved to actually make it happen. (If you’re an impatient reader, feel free to skip the next couple explanatory paragraphs.)


I was broken but now I am whole

Broken Cups

Written by: Earla Dunbar

I did not like people before, they terrified me.  All I wanted to do was hide from people, from life.  In my thoughts I knew they were judging me negatively and watching my every move.  So why would I leave my safe place, my home, when I knew I could be hurt by people.

When I was 44 and knew that suicide was my only hope from the dread I was living, my doctor suggested I go to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH, where I met my psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Katzman.

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an MMM… cartoon: How love trumps anxiety

Love-Trumps-Anxiety Cartoon by TrishEver find yourself with the constant flutter of anxiety in your stomach before an event?  Sometimes days before the event is to take place?

Well, I’ve found love trumps anxiety!  Here’s how…

This is just the teaser…

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